The Milvia Experience

Learn what your journey with Milvia looks like.
Search & Preparation
The pre-treatment investigations required depend on your chosen clinic and procedure. Here’s what this part of your journey could look like.
Browse through the selection of clinics on Milvia and choose a provider you like. Once you reserve your spot in our program, we’ll create a personalized dashboard for you.
‍Your Milvia dashboard will show you a list of all the investigations you need to perform before scheduling an appointment with your overseas provider.
After your appointment, your provider will create a treatment plan for you.
Travel & Treatment
Once the procedure dates are fixed and all the payments have been made for the travel and treatment, our team will help you obtain medical travel insurance.
You'll visit the clinic around 6 times in total to undergo monitoring scans and for your retrieval. We’ll coordinate your clinic visits for you and send you daily reminders for your medication.
If you’d like to see local sights, work remotely, or have a spa day, we can organize it all for you so you have a comfortable and relaxing experience during your time overseas.
Recovery & Aftercare
Once your procedure is completed, you’ll be advised by the clinician to stay back for a couple of days before you fly home so that you can recover.
If you’d like to do another cycle of egg/embryo freezing or IVF, most clinics offer discounted pricing for subsequent cycles, which we will facilitate.
Once you’re on your fertility journey, you become a part of our Milvia Maven community so you can learn from others’ fertility experiences and share your own.
Check if you qualify
If you'd like to learn more about what it's like working with Milvia, browse the articles in the Milvia section in our Resource Center.


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