The Milvia Experience

Your fertility journey experience with Milvia
Published on:
October 12, 2023

Starting a fertility journey often comes with its complexities and emotions. Milvia aims to make this process easier by simplifying this journey by breaking it down into three distinct phases: before, during, and after treatment. In this article, we'll walk you through what it's like to work with Milvia and how we strive to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience every step of the way.

Before your trip – Search & Preparation

Before embarking on your fertility journey, it's crucial to prepare adequately. Milvia streamlines this process to ensure you're well-prepared for what lies ahead.

  1. Clinic selection: Start by browsing through our carefully curated selection of clinics on the Milvia platform. Choose a provider that aligns with your preferences and reserve your spot in our program. We'll create a personalized dashboard just for you to track your progress.
  2. Investigations and testing: Your Milvia dashboard will guide you through the pre-treatment investigations required by your chosen clinic. These tests may vary depending on your procedure, treatment protocol, and certification requirements. Once you complete these investigations, your overseas provider will create a personalized treatment plan.
  3. Booking and planning: With your treatment plan in hand, you can conveniently book your procedure and trip.

During your trip – Travel & Treatment

Once the procedure dates are fixed and all the payments have been made for the travel and treatment, our team will help you obtain medical travel insurance.

  1. Clinic visits and medication: Shortly after your arrival, you'll visit your chosen provider for tests and medication collection. Milvia coordinates your clinic visits and provides daily support, ensuring you stay on track with your treatment plan.
  2. Additional comfort: Should you wish to explore local sights, work remotely, or indulge in a spa day during your stay, Milvia can organize it all. We're dedicated to making your time overseas as enjoyable and relaxed as possible.

After your trip – Recovery & Aftercare

After completing your procedure, a period of recovery is essential. Milvia continues to support you in this phase and beyond.

  1. Subsequent cycles: If you're considering another cycle of egg/embryo freezing or IVF, many clinics offer discounted pricing for subsequent cycles, and we'll facilitate this process for you.
  2. Community support: When you choose Milvia, you become a part of our Milvia Maven community, where you can connect with others on similar fertility journeys, share experiences, and gain valuable insights.


Your fertility journey is a highly personal and important chapter in life, and Milvia understands that! Which is why we’re committed to offering support at every stage. With a structured approach, personalized dashboards, and a caring team, we aim to make your experience seamless and comfortable.

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