A typical egg freezing journey overseas

A guide to understanding a typical egg freezing trip overseas
Published on:
October 7, 2023

Browse through this sample milvia itinerary to better understand what a typical egg freezing journey overseas looks like. This article covers everything from your arrival to your retrieval and includes some notes to remember.

Day 1: Arrival in destination

Arrive at your chosen destination and check into your accommodation. Use the rest of the day to relax and settle into the new city and time zone!

Day 2: First clinic visit

On your second day, you will have your first clinic visit.

The first clinic visit is to have your baseline scans and tests and perform any other tests the clinic requires before starting stimulation. Once you’ve done your scans and tests, you’ll purchase your stimulation medication.

Use this appointment to clarify any doubts about the process and medications.

Day 3: Begin stimulation

Once you get your scan and test results from the clinic, you'll begin stimulation for the next 10-14 days.

You’ll have 3-4 more clinic visits every 2 or 3 days during the stimulation phase to perform scans and tests to see how your body responds to the medication. These visits should take no longer than 20 minutes.

While not at the clinic, you can explore your destination city by visiting famous landmarks and monuments, trying the local cuisine, exploring museums and galleries, or chilling by the beach.

Day 13: Trigger shot

Depending on the results of the scans and tests performed during your stimulation period, the clinic will instruct you to take your trigger shot 36 hours before your retrieval date.

Although it might seem somewhat daunting, it's simply a form of injection designed to aid in the maturation of the eggs and ready the body for egg collection.

Day 15: Retrieval day

This is the last day of your treatment!

The procedure is typically short and minimally invasive – you’ll be under anesthesia, and the doctor will retrieve the eggs from your ovaries.

After completing the procedure, you’ll be recovering in the recovery room until the doctor discharges you. This should all take around 2 hours.

The clinic will then freeze your mature eggs and let you know how many were collected and frozen.

Day 16: Recovery and departure

Spend the days post-procedure relaxing and recuperating. You can consult with the fertility specialist for any post-procedure instructions.

Depending on your condition and the clinic’s protocol, you may be cleared to travel after 1-2 days or advised to stay for additional recovery time.

Your provider will ask you to schedule a follow-up consultation to check in on your health and well-being after the procedure.

Important notes

  • Consult with your fertility specialist about any travel restrictions or precautions related to the egg freezing process
  • Be aware of the potential side effects of fertility medications
  • Follow all post-procedure guidelines provided by your fertility specialist
  • Ensure you have comprehensive medical travel insurance (this is included when you work with Milvia)
  • Remember, this itinerary is only a general guide. It can vary based on the clinic’s protocol and how your body responds to the medication
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