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High costs should never stand in the way of someone’s desire to start a family. We’re committed to making fertility services accessible for all.

Learn how our affordable egg freezing & IVF options can help your patients achieve their dreams.
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Who we are

Milvia is an online travel medicine service for fertility procedures. We help people in the US—like your patients—access affordable egg freezing and IVF by traveling to some of the best clinics in the UK and Spain. Institutions like the HFEA in the UK and the SEF in Spain ensure that the clinics operate at the highest of standards without compromising safety, quality of care, or patient experience. Our team helps your patients plan and manage all aspects of their overseas trip from their procedure to flight bookings, and even local excursions when they’re overseas.

Why should you consider suggesting Milvia to your patients?

In the US, fertility care comes at a hefty price. We’ve heard from over 200 patients and 100 gynecologists from across the US. Shockingly, over 50% of patients who attend initial consultations abandon treatment due to cost concerns. How many of your own patients have faced this roadblock?

Our mission is to ensure fertility care is accessible to all. We know you deeply care for your patients' well-being. Imagine the impact you can make by helping more of them access affordable fertility care.

How we add value

For you
Become their chosen provider for pregnancy care once they conceive
Build a strong relationship with patients through their egg freezing or IVF journey
Additional revenue from pre-procedure tests and imaging required by all patients
For your patients
Treatment options that are 55-75% more affordable than the US
Concierge service that helps manage all aspects of care navigation
In-person support overseas and 24/7 online support throughout the journey

What about quality of care?

If you’re thinking low prices might mean low quality, let us assure you – We don’t do that at Milvia. Quality of care is our number one priority. We only partner with high-quality, reputable clinics that can provide us with their outcome data.

All our partner clinics in the UK have been accredited by the independent government body called Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), scoring 5 out of 5 points on the inspection rating. You can find out more about HFEA here: https://www.hfea.gov.uk/

In Spain, the regulatory body is Sociedad Española de Fertilidad (SEF) and you can learn more about them here: https://www.sefertilidad.net/

People have been doing this for years

Traveling to other countries for medical procedures isn’t a novel concept. In fact, people have even been traveling to other countries for egg freezing and IVF for years! There just isn’t a single source of truth where people can find all the information they need and manage all aspects of their treatment, which is what Milvia is solving today.

We created Milvia after hearing from people like Vanessa, Stephanie, and Caitlin, all of whom traveled across countries—and sometimes even continents—to access affordable fertility care. Vanessa, Stephanie, and Caitlin all planned their own trips before Milvia was founded. Planning and coordinating an overseas medical trip can be a logistical nightmare and almost seems like a full-time job. We alleviate that burden with our concierge services at Milvia. You can hear what Vanessa and Caitlin had to say about their experience below.

Vanessa, 42
Ohio to Bulgaria
Egg freezing & IVF
Stephanie with her family
Stephanie 42
Texas to Barbados
Caitlin, 27
Wales to Greece

So, how much does it cost overseas?

Egg Freezing
US Flag
United States
$16,000 avg.
$25,000 avg.
UK Flag
United Kingdom
Save $8,700
Save $15,300
Mexico Flag
Save $9,100
Save $16,800
Spain Flag
Save $12,000
Save $19,400

The storage costs for each country are as follows:

UK: free for 1 year, then $450 per year
Mexico: free for 1 year, then $290 per year
Spain: free for 5 years, then $330 per year

The prices for both egg freezing and IVF can be much higher than the averages shown above making the cost prohibitive for patients.

After including the cost of travel, lodging, and our fees, patients still save between $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the destination and type of procedure.

How is it so much more affordable overseas?

To understand why egg freezing and IVF are more affordable overseas, we first need to look at why these procedures are expensive in the US.
According to Freeze by Co, the high cost of egg freezing in the US can be attributed to the expense of technology and equipment:
Anesthesia and the cost of an anesthesiologist at your egg retrieval
An operating room and equipment for the egg retrieval
A freezing process called vitrification, which requires specialized equipment and materials
A cleanroom IVF laboratory with good air quality
Safe gamete storage with backup generator in case the power goes out

Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (REI) specialists, anesthesiologists, and embryologists are all very highly paid specialties of medicine which further adds to the cost of the procedures. Further, the medication used to stimulate ovaries is also very expensive. Insurance coverage for these procedures is quite poor and not everyone has the luxury to work at the companies where egg freezing and IVF benefits are provided.

Getting back to why fertility procedures are more affordable overseas, the costs of running these operations from the equipment, to the medication, and the salaries of the doctors are lower than that in the US. All these cumulative expenses amount to a lower cost procedure without compromising safety, quality of care, or patient experience.

What’s next?

If you’d like to learn more about how we operate and how you can share Milvia’s travel medicine solutions with your patients, please schedule a call with our co-founder or fill out the form below.

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